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About Thingful

Thingful is a search engine for the Internet of Things, enabling secure discoverability & interoperability between millions of public & private connected objects around the world. Our mission is to enable an interoperable Internet of Things, in which connected objects find and use each other's data with the active consent of their owners. Thingful enables IoT data owners to control how their data is used, and empowers them to make more valuable and effective decisions through secure cross-domain IoT search & access.

Whether you deal in public or private data, open or closed networks, fragmented or tightly defined IoT infrastructures, Thingful enables you to search, organise, access and respond to real-time data both inside and outside your existing IoT network, without the scalability issues that arise from centralising data in a single repository. With Thingful you’ll unlock your IoT data’s true value by controlling how it is found and used by others outside your network.

Created by one of the IoT industry’s most experienced and innovative teams, Thingful provides access to the world’s largest searchable index of public and private connected objects and sensors around the world, from dozens of different IoT networks and infrastructures including energy, radiation, weather, and air quality devices as well as seismographs, iBeacons, vehicles, ships, aircraft and even animal trackers.

We're currently working on smart city, connected vehicle, machine learning, big data analytics and citizen sensing initiatives. For more information, or to get access to our API, which is currently in private beta, please get in touch!

Thingful is privately funded and has received support from Innovate UK, ODINE and the Open Data Institute.

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Executive Team

We have a track record of defining and delivering on concrete visions for the Internet of Things.

Usman Haque (CEO) – Founded Pachube.com, earliest generalised IoT data platform, acquired by LogMeIn Inc in 2011. Expert in IoT & Smart City industries, architect of dozens of interactive environments & web based participation platforms. Member IoT World Forum Steering Committee, BSI PAS 212, Automatic resource discovery for the Internet of Things.

Sam Mulube (CTO) – Software engineer with fluency in full stack of web technologies from browser to data center, as well as complexities of network communication in low-powered and memory constrained devices. Original architect of Pachube.com infrastructure, API and web service.

Andrew Chetty (CMO) – Two decades experience in tech product definition & messaging with specific expertise in financial & tech industries. Founded various cultural & entertainment initiatives for interactive physical spaces & led & shaped UK’s first IoT-enabled public interactive gallery.